Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Butterfly Effect - Update #16

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Good Morning Everyone!

Below you will find this weeks' arrivals. I hope you'll take a moment to consider the thoughtful words chosen and again, be reminded of the individual difference each one of us can make by not tolerating hatred in any and all parts of our lives. 

Recent News -
A very special email arrived this week from a wonderful woman I have known since she was our family's babysitter when my children were young - Colleen Lange. She approached the principal of her daughter's elementary school several months ago with the idea of creating butterflies for the Holocaust Museum Houston. The principal and teachers embraced the idea and in November 2011 in time for Canada's Rememberance Day - each class and each of the 450 students will be creating a butterfly! I am filled with hope to know the messages that will be instilled in these young minds just may be one more  ingredient in creating a more peaceful world in the future.

One of the butterflies received this week deserves attention.  It was created by  a young man - Raymond Ritzau who served two tours of duty in Iraq with the Maryland National Guard.  Raymond just recently became a US citizen, and was born in Germany. Thank you Raymond!

And thank you too, to the other participants this week -

Marilyn Ritzau
Linda Kunsman
William Charlebois

The next Butterfly Effect Update will be posted in mid February.

One Hundred Eleven

Linda Kunsman
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Marilyn Ritzau
Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

Raymond Ritzau
Gaithersburg, Pennsylvania, USA

William Charlebois
Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA


Sharon said...

These are so wonderful as is the news about the school children. Trudi you should be so proud for all you have done for this worthy project.

Kathy said...

Holy COW, Trudi! Look what you got started on this side of the pond! 450. FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY!! Are you stunned? I am stunned. This is wonderful. Gosh, I'd sure love to see that exhibit when it's completed. This is truly, truly amazing. Couldn't have come this far without you. It warms my heart. - Kathy

Linda M. said...

So beautiful, I wish I could touch or hold so many of these. So unique, so awesome. Thank you Trudi for taking on this project.

Terri Kahrs said...

Trudi, the effects of this project are amazing! What a wonderful response from the school!!! You, My Dear, have made an amazing contribution towards peace. These latest additions are wonderful! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Leovi said...

Spectaculars and beautiful pictures

peggy gatto said...

Amazing, just amazing!!!

layers said...

What a wonderful project-- it really proves the power of creativity and uniqueness--the same subject and created so many different beautiful ways.

Seth said...

The mosaic looks amazing. So many butterflies. And the addition of the school kids is just amazing!!

Gloria said...

What a wonderful idea. A way to remember the people. Doing a butterfly to me signifies flight. Awesome idea. I will get back to you on the participation. Thanks for sharing.