Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More found "treasures" at the antique show.....plus the earliest of Artist Trading Cards

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 Not that I need or can use any more antique lace or tatting, I confess, it's become just another one of those 'non-essential collections.'  I do need something to put inside my collection of boxes.  The vendor was very anxious to  unburden   herself of the laces given to her by a friend  all  hand made between 1925-35.  How could I say no at 75% off for the whole lot?  I photographed a few below.  And then of course, she also had a few old vintage photos and ephemera. You know the drill...

Dorothy and Margie Hines circa unknown

 Below, the younger sister, Margie after some digital mucking about.  I plan to reshoot the image again with a steady hand and hope for a much better resolution.  But she is a little darling, don't you think?


Another fun find, this is #16 in a series of  "Dr. Jayne" Victorian trading cards.   They were produced at a rate of one per  year for 22 years in the late 1800's.  They are commonly found  most anywhere and for sale for  anywhere from $5-$10.  Another "deal", at $1.

 I love the faint portrait hung on the wall behind the young girl obviously 'hearing something' ( haven't we all "been there done that ") And...the voyeurish moon peeking through the curtain..  Spooky!  Such a  wonderfully suspenseful and mysterious atmosphere the artist,   Mr. Buss,  created.

Below is the back.  In part it reads -  The Ghost Story - "The moral of this, the Sixteenth Card of our Series, is that, if young ladies would avoid creating a scene, similar to the one of the artist, Mr. R. W. Buss, gives us in this admirable picture, they had better forego reading ghost stories at bed-time."

So, who knows, maybe one day, your ATC's may find their way to an antique sale?  :0) 


Caterina Giglio said...

oh I love this post and all your treasures! I got a box of the trading cards for $5 about 10 cards ... let's go shopping!!

Terri Kahrs said...

Fabulous finds, Trudi! I can't say that I blame you for adding to your collection with these lovely pieces.

Margie IS darling, and the trading card's story is a hoot! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Lorraine said...

Looks as if your shopping was most productive - fabulous finds.

Unknown said...

Love the tatting in the top right corner of that photo collage! Lovely! :)

Kim Palmer said...

Those lovely laces are gorgeous what a fabulous find! Love the wee girls. You just keep filling those boxes, LOL!

Elizabeth Golden said...

I love the story you gave with the trading card, I think I might have a few of these....The lovely laces and photo of the two young girls are beautiful. Who tats or makes lace anymore. It is such a dying art. I wish you were closer I would love to hunt with you.