Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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HTML Color Code Chart (click on the chart to enlarge)
This week's class is all about color. I've added links to recommended websites on color on the sidebar of this blog if you're curious to explore color theory in greater detail. Our exercises (posted above) were:
1) to pick a complementary color pair and make a chart of the two colors of how they appear next to each other, adjusting them for light, coolness (adding blue) and warmth (adding red)
2) Using this same pair, create an representational or abstract composition three ways by varying the percentage of each of the two colors.
I've also added in an HTML color code chart that is a good resource for bloggers who would like to adjust their background colors, outlines or font colors apart from those displayed in the Blogger template. Above, my final submission for our first major project on Abstract Representation. This piece is meant to convey my experience of composing a photograph. I incorporated 2 photographs (one, a sunset and the other a snapshot of my partner's hands) and one drawing (the mechanical black and white) into it and then adjusted it digitally.

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Seth said...

I like your choice of colors for the complementary color project.